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Wikipedia Portal on Mind and Brain

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There is a new portal on Wikipedia dedicated to the Mind and Brain. Already there is a great group of people contributing information, and as more do so, the library of information on the brain will only improve.

Post-Traumatic-Brain-Injury Recovery

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Narrative by writer for The Miami Herald which includes a description of the resolution of her post-traumatic amnesia (PTA) (also called post-traumatic confusional state) in the recovery from the head injury she sustained.

Stark & Stark’s Newest Blog

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I just wanted to post a link to my Firm’s newest blog, The New Jersey Law Blog. The New Jersey Law Blog is dedicated to providing information on recent court decisions, legislation and legal news taking place in the great Garden State.

Pizza delivery person will pay $1.2 million

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Talarick v. Domino’s Pizza A pedestrian struck by a Domino’s Pizza deliveryman and left brain-damaged will receive $1.2 million under an August 31, 2004 settlement. On December 23, 2002, Gerard Talarick was in the roadway of Bustleton Road in Burlington New Jersey tending to his dog which had been hit by a vehicle, when the… Continue Reading