The Traumatic Brain Injury Fund (TBI Fund)[English PDF] [Spanish PDF] was established in 2002 by the New Jersey State Legislature and is administered by the Division of Disability Services (DDS) of the New Jersey Department of Human Services. It is funded through a surcharge on motor vehicle registrations in the state.

The purpose of the TBI Fund is two-fold. First, the Fund allows New Jersey residents who have survived an acquired brain injury to obtain the services and supports they need to live in the community, when insurance, personal resources and/or public programs are unavailable to meet their needs. The Fund pays for limited support and services that foster independence and maximize quality of life.

The second purpose of the TBI Fund is to provide public information and prevention education related to brain injury. The TBI Fund and Brain Injury Association of New Jersey work together in this endeavor.

Through both financial relief and public awareness, the TBI Fund provides a tremendous public service to the residents of New Jersey.

Thanks to Amy Soppett, Manager of the Traumatic Brain Injury Fund and Jill Schulman, Sr. Director of Development at the Brain Injury Association of New Jersey.