I found an interesting article on the International Brain Injury Association’s website the other day written by Robert L. Shepherd MS, Certified Medical Illustrator and Vice President & Director of Eastern Region Operations for MediVisuals Incorporated.

The article discusses how medical and health care professionals are often called upon to provide expert opinions during litigation. Those experts providing medical/legal opinions may either be called due to their role as a treater of a patient involved in litigation or retained to provide so called “expert witness” testimony because these specialists are recognized as experts in a specific area (even though they may not have treated a patient involved in litigation). In either case, the role of the testifying professional is very important in helping decision makers or triers of fact identify and appreciate the truth in order to achieve just resolution of the contested issue(s).

The article goes on to discuss the challenges testifying professionals will need to consider in order to present an opinion in a legal venue. You can read the full article online here