forcebloc_front.jpg I would like to bring your attention back to an earlier post if I may. In February I posted a statement issued by the United States Soccer Federation’s, Sports Medicine Committee. The Committee’s statement was issued in response to inquiries received from Federation members regarding the appropriateness and permissibility of headgear in soccer. The Sports Medicine Committee submitted a report on headgear to the Federation’s board of directors and then shared its report here. Upon reading the report, I thought that the readers of this blog would find the Committee’s statement important. The Committee stated that after reviewing scientific literature relating to head injuries in soccer and the safety benefits of padded headgear, it concluded there is no evidence that wearing headgear is beneficial to players. Further, the Committee expressed its concern that the use of padded headgear might actually lead to more injuries. After I posted this entry I thought that was the end of the discussion. I am pleasantly surprised to say that it is not. I recently received an email from Patrick Fisher, who a few years back helped form a company called Full90 Sports Inc. Question 1: Can you guess what Full90 Sports manufactures? If you said padded headgear, you’d be right on the money. Question 2: Why do you think Patrick contacted me? If you guessed that it was because Patrick disagrees with the Committee’s statement on head gear, you would be correct. I am a firm believer in allowing each side their fair say, and as such, at Patrick’s request I would like to share with you Full90’s Response To USSF’s Position Statement Regarding Soccer Headgear (PDF) as well as a letter (PDF) from Dr. Steven Poceta, a Neurologist with Scripps Clinic in La Jolla, California which also disagrees with the Committee’s statement. There it is. All the information I have on this subject I now leave in your hands. It is up to you to draw your own conclusions as To Wear Headgear or Not To Wear Headgear when playing soccer. Is this the end of this discussion? I for one certainly hope not. I hope a Committee member or a U.S. Soccer Federation Director will reach out and respond. Do you wear or not wear headgear when you play soccer? Post a comment and let others know why.