I just received my copy of the Brain Injury Professional, the official publication of the North America Brain Injury Society. The issue was guest-edited by NABIS’ chairman Robert D. Voogt, Ph.D.

This third issue of the Brain Injury Professional discusses the many problems involved in community re-entry and long-term living after traumatic brain injury. The issue includes articles by David Seaton, CEO and owner of LiveOak Long-term Living Programs in Austin, Texas; Martelli, Zasler & Tiernan, Mark and Susan Ashley, Randy Evans, Ph.D. and Bradley G. Sewick, Ph.D.

Also in the issue is an exciting article by Dorothy Sims, Esq. an attorney who specializes in cross-examining defense experts. Ms. Sims takes on Paul R. Lees-Haley, Ph.D. and his previous issue in which Dr. Lees-Haley discusses “what he proports” are controversies in the field of forensic neuropsychology. Ms. Sims, who recently deposed Dr. Lees-Haley shares her thoughts on his article which was published in the previous issue of Brain Injury Professional.

For all professionals interested in brain injury, you are urged to join NABIS. Also, responses to any of the articles published can be posted on the NABIS website.