Prosecuting Traumatic Brain Injury Case

Readers of this blog are familiar with my efforts to bar defense biomechanical engineers and accident reconstruction “experts” from providing invalid biomechanical testimony that people cannot be injured in low-impact collisions. Recently, I served as amicus counsel for ATLA-NJ before the New Jersey Supreme Court.
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I recently served as a presenter at the 6th Annual “Understanding The Medical and Legal Aspects of Brain Injury Litigation” Course sponsored by the Brain Injury Association of New York. Here is a podcast of my presentation, Use of Medical Literature in Brain Injury Litigation.
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Recently the Third Circuit clarified the boundaries surrounding the filing of informal proofs of claim. I thought this article would be of interest to the injury lawyers who read this blog and sometimes find themselves in a situation where their client has a claim against a company who files for bankruptcy protection.
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This week’s New Jersey Law Journal’s Suits & Deals section mentions a case which I recently settled for $975,000.00 on behalf of my client who suffered a brain injury in an auto accident.
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I spoke at the 6th World Congress on Brain Injury in Australia about the various schemes that exist in the United States, and primarily in New Jersey, regarding no-fault insurance. My intent was to warn the Australians, who in a number of states recently enacted no-fault guidelines, about the dangerous road on which they have embarked.
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