Health Day News recently issued a story on a study published in NeuroRehabilitation in which the author Jhon Alexander Moreno, a neuropsychologist at the University of Miami, analyzed the results of fourteen studies that together included almost fifteen hundred patients, spouses, partners, and people without traumatic brain injury as well as rehabilitation professionals.  According to Health Day News, which reported on the study, “the study found that 50% to 60% of people with TBI have sexual difficulties, such as reduced interest in sex, erectile dysfunction, and pain during sex, difficulties in vagina lubrication, difficulties achieving orgasm or staying aroused, and a sense of diminished sex appeal.”  Both the research found that partners of those with TBI experience personality and emotional changes, and a modification of family roles that can lead to a crisis….  For the spouse, the survivor becomes a different person, a person they do not recognize as the one they fell in love with in the past.  The spouse becomes a caregiver and this imbalance in the relationship directly affects sexual desire.”  According to Dr. Moreno, marital separation rates can be as high as 78% among people with traumatic brain injury.” 

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