Today must be the day to make your legislator’s telephone ring or fill their “in box”. After this morning’s post, I received the following information from The Brain Injury Association of New Jersey. On Monday, March 21, the State Senate will consider Senate Resolution No. 92. This resolution would declare March as Brain Injury Awareness Month. Please contact your respective senator and encourage him/her to vote in favor of this resolution. Attached is a copy of the resolution for your review. To determine your senator: 1) Determine who your state legislators are by visiting here. 2) Locate the name of your municipality in the index. 3) Click “District (whatever number applies to your town).” 4) For more detailed information, including e-mail address, about a particular legislator, simply click on the respective legislator’s name. In this case, you will click on the name of the senator. Below is text you may want to include in an email you send. All you need to do is copy and paste the text in an email message. Alternatively, you may use this as a script should you call your senator: Dear Senator (Last name): I am writing to respectfully request that you vote in favor of Senate Resolution No. 92 on Monday, March 21. This resolution declares March as Brain Injury Awareness Month. Brain injury is a serious public health concern, a concern that is not highly visible. Therefore, I hope you will vote in favor of this resolution in an effort to raise awareness of brain injury in the legislative community. Thank you for your attention to this request and I appreciate your anticipated support. Very truly yours, (Your name)