Brain injury not only affects the person who has been injured, but their loved ones as well.  Karen Fowler, whose brother received a traumatic brain injury in a car accident, is well aware of this fact.  His loss of short term memory resulting in rounds of questions that frustrated both him and everyone around him.

With that in mind, Fowler founded the 10-in-10 Project, a foundation whose mission is to provide support and assistance to people living with brain injuries and their families.  The 10-in-10 project uses the Brain Injury Recovery Kit to aid those who need it.  The kit, which consists of tools that help the brain injured set up a system to deal with every day schedules and tasks, was created by a brain injured woman and her counselor.  It is their hope to allow people with brain injury to resume as normal a life as possible.

The New York Daily News recently ran a story about the 10-in-10 Project.  You can read the article here.