My partner lent me a book called I’ll Carry the Fork! – Recovering a Life After Brain Injury by Kara L. Swanson which I thought I would share with my readers. Kara was involved in a motor vehicle crash in 1996. In the book, she shares her experiences going from a healthy woman to a woman with an acquired brain injury.

Reading her tale helped me to understand and empathize with the pain, the suffering and the rehabilitation that a person goes through.

To my trial attorney colleagues that read this blog, I also wanted to share a wonderful analogy regarding the differences between CT and MRI verse neuropsychological testing. This analogy was provided to Ms. Swanson by her then attorney, our late colleague and friend, Nick Simkins. Nick likened Kara’s brain injury to a symphony orchestra. Tests like MRI or CT scan could “tell you if all the trumpet players were present or if the string section was accounted for, but they could not tell you how well the musicians communicated with the conductor, or how each individual was playing.”

On the other hand, neuropsychological testing provided answers to those questions. I think this is an excellent analogy that we all can use when our experts testify.

I strongly recommend Kara’s book to all survivors and family members as well as attorneys trying to understand the life changes of their clients.