While much of my time at the conference was spent attending lectures and meeting colleagues, there was also some administrative functions of the Congress which I needed to participate in, including meetings with the Board of Directors and the Board of Governors. At the Board of Directors’ meeting I was re-elected as treasurer for a second term. Robert Voogt PhD. decided not to seek a second term and Nathan Zasler, M.D., from Richmond, Virginia was elected chairman. Jose Leon-Carrion, M.D, from Spain was re-elected as secretary.

On Saturday I attended the IBIA Board of Governor’s and Board of Directors bi-annual meeting. At the Board of Governor’s meeting we elected Don Stein, former dean of the Emory Graduate School and presently the Asa G. Candler Professor of Psychology and Neurology. Don is one of the country’s leading researchers in brain trauma. He has written close to 200 articles and papers and written or edited 16 books. The Board also heard proposals for the next World Congress from NABIS (North American Brain Injury Society ) who would like to hold the Congress in Miami in 2007 and a joint Israeli and Palestinian proposal for Jerusalem in 2007. The Board requested additional information and the decision has been reserved for a couple of months.