I just received this month’s issue of the Brain Injury Professional, the official publication of the North American Brain Injury Society (NABIS). This month’s issue covers the post concussion disorder. 

The issue contains the following articles:

  1. Physiologic Post Concussion Disorder by Barry Willer, Ph.D. and John Leddy, M.D.
  2. Augmenting Neuro Cognitive Assessment in the Evaluation of Sports Concussion:  How the vestibular and ocular issues impact recovery. Anne Mucha, DPT, Michael Collins, Ph.D., and Jonathan French, Psy.D.
  3. Cervicogenic Post Concussion Disorder:  A pain in the neck.  John Leddy, M.D.
  4. Suggestions for Facilitating Return to Learn After Concussion.  Brian Rieger, Ph.D.
  5. Providing a Continuum of Care for Concussion Using Existing Educational Frameworks.  Karen McAvoy, Psy.D.
  6. Psychologists Working in Concussion Clinics.  John Baker, Ph.D.
  7. Concussion Legislation:  Variations on a theme.  Gene Rickerson.
  8. Sports Concussions.org:  A new resource for brain injury professionals and families.  Neal McGrath, Ph.D.

I recommend everyone joining NAIBIS.  The above link will send you to the society’s web page.  Please remember that NAIBIS will be holding its 25th medical legal conference and its 9th medical conference from September 12-15, 2012 in Miami, Florida.