Traumatic Brain Injury (“TBI”) can happen to anyone at any time. The Centers for Disease and Control Prevention (“CDC”) reports that an estimated 1.7 million people sustain TBI annually in the United States. Of those people sustaining TBI, 52,000 die and 275,000 are hospitalized. Nearly 80 percent of those injured (1.365 million people) are treated and released from an emergency department.

The documentary “OVERCOMING” exposes how individuals cope with the consequences of Traumatic Brain Injury. Such consequences differ from person to person and due to the nature of TBI. Also, each person copes with the consequences of Traumatic Brain Injury in ways that differ for each individual. The goal of the documentary is to raise awareness of TBI and to provide information about its consequences.

The director/producer of the documentary, Katerina Dejkoska, is a filmmaker who was motivated by the lack of information and public awareness to explore the topic of Traumatic Brain Injury. The documentary focuses on moving on with positivity after sustaining TBI.