Fascinating! Yesterday I participated in a wonderful workshop discussing various automobile insurance schemes that exist in the various states here in Australia as well as in the United Kingdom and Canada. Australia has no auto insurance companies. The government runs the insurance system. I obviously spoke about the various schemes that exist in the United States and primarily in New Jersey. My intent was to warn the Australians, who in a number of states recently enacted no-fault guidelines, about the dangerous road on which they have embarked. Previously like most states in the United States, Australia followed the tort system brought over or copied from Britain. This system permits one injured in a motor vehicle accident to sue for all losses. Unlike the United States, Australia has national health insurance, but like the U.S., insurance does not adequately pay or provide for many of the medical care which people with acquired Traumatic Brain Injury need. In the 1980’s there was a wave to enact no-fault auto insurance which would pay all of the medical bills, had a lost wage component but did not permit one to sue for any other compensation. Here in the state of Victoria where Melbourne is the capital, at the last minute the Parliament balked and kept the compensation system. Similar to New Jersey the Parliament also enacted a threshold which required a claimant to prove a serious injury. However this proposal was rejected in New South Wales, in which Sydney is the capital. We also heard from a speaker from New Zealand, a neighboring country which does have pure no fault. Like in New Jersey, people with acquired TBI are able to get their bills paid for quickly, thus insuring prompt care. It is interesting that I have traveled half way around the world to find so many similarities.