I have just returned from the most successful brain injury conference ever held by the North America Brain Injury Society (NABIS) which was held at Amelia Island, Florida over this past week. As an experiment, the Board of Trustees of NABIS decided to expand the annual medical/legal conference (now in it’s 18th year) to include mutit-tracks for other professionals who provide treatment and care to persons with acquired traumatic brain injury. I am proud to report that this year we had over 350 participants to our conference. Jonathan Silver, M.D. editor of the Textbook of Traumatic Brain Injury and one of the nation’s leading neuropsychiatrists gave the keynote address speaking on traumatic brain injury and psychiatric disorders. Erin Bigler, Ph.D. and Monte Buchsbaum, M.D. provided outstanding programs on the present and future state of neuroimaging. Everyone was astounded by how far neuroimaging has come in its ability to image the human brain. Malingering, always a hot topic and one that usually raises the ire of attorneys, was a hot topic at this year’s conference. Sherrod Taylor, Dorothy Sims and Robert Heilbrunner, Ph.D. each presented on their individual perspectives. There were too many wonderful presentations to list all of them and I apologize to the speakers who were not listed. A copy of the program can be obtained from the NABIS website. The bottom line, the 18th medical/legal seminar on traumatic brain injury was a huge success and we certainly look forward to next year’s conference scheduled in Miami, Florida.