I read a very interesting article published by the Journal of Emergency Medicine (September 24, 2009) which contained a research article studying the adult motorcycle crashes and the effect and comparing helmeted to unhelmeted motorcyclists.  The study conducted by researchers at the Department of Surgery and Trauma Services in the University Medical Center at Brackenridge, Austin, Texas compared the outcomes of helmeted versus unhelmeted motorcyclists involved in motorcycle crashes.  This retrospective study (1994 – 2006) of adult motorcycle crashes found that unhelmeted riders had a higher Injury Severity Score, lower Glasgow Coma Scale score and more hypotension.  The study found that unhelmeted riders had worse outcomes including higher rate of severe disability, more days in the hospital and intensive care unit, incurred higher hospital charges and had higher mortality rates. 

This study is further proof of the need for all states to require helmets for motorcycle operators.