The state of Indiana has been under increasing media attention lately after a bill that was introduced into the House of Representatives passed last week that would increase the motorcycle registration fee from $17 to $27. While normal rate increases are expected, the more than 58% increase is due in large part to raise fund brain and spinal cord injury research.

While motorcyclists believe that research for brain and spinal cord injuries is important, they do not feel as though they should be singled out as the leading cause for brain injuries, when between 1995 and 2003 motorcycle related brain injuries accounted for only three tenths of one percent of the national injury toll.

However, supporters of the bill argue that while more accidents to occur in cars rather than on motorcycles, the risk of such injuries is 4-6 times greater to a motorcyclist than to a car driver, and 90 percent of these people who are injured in motorcycle accidents will eventually come onto the state medicaid rolls.

You can read more on the bill here.