Back in February I posted a link to the U.S. Soccer Federation’s statement on head injuries in soccer. In the statement, the Sports Medicine Committee stated that it found no evidence wearing headgear would be beneficial to players, and was concerned that it might actually lead to more injuries. Later on in March, I was contacted by Patrick Fisher from Full90SportsInc. who wished to dispute the Federation’s findings. You can read more about Mr. Fisher and view some the doctor’s reports he shared with me to support his claims here. Well, once again soccer headgear is in the news and since this has been such a popular topic here, I figured I let you all know about it. Bob Edwards is a Massachusetts resident who has drafted legislation which would ban the practice of “headers” in soccer matches as well as require all public and private school children in the state to wear helmets while playing soccer. Mr. Edward’s bill was filed by State Representative Deborah Blumer, D-Framingham. You can read the article from the Daily News Tribune here.