Questions. When hiring a personal injury attorney to represent a person who has suffered a traumatic brain injury, is it necessary that the attorney have specialized knowledge of brain injuries?

Answer. Yes. The attorney you hire should have specialized knowledge and experience in the field of neurolaw and in handling traumatic brain injury cases. Just as a person with a brain injury would not be treated by a general medical practitioner, he or she should not be represented by a lawyer who is a general practitioner.

When you meet with a lawyer, inquire whether the attorney has handled brain injury cases, whether he or she has published or lectured in the field of traumatic brain injury, and most importantly, whether he or she understands the unique problems of a traumatic brain injury victim.

Determine the attorney’s qualifications, such as whether the lawyer is board certified by your state’s bar or Supreme Court or by the National Board of Trial Advocacy and whether the lawyer is listed in the National Directory of the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Services, published annually by the National Brain Injury Association.