In selecting an attorney to represent you, it is essential that that attorney have the ability to incur the necessary expenses to properly represent a client with an acquired traumatic brain injury. Pretrial expenses in these types of claims can run between $20,000-$50,000 and sometimes more. Trial expenses can exceed $25,000 or more. In my experience, it is impractical to prepare the traumatic brain injury case utilizing solely a neurologist and/or a neuropsychologist. Quite often, not only do you need a neurologist and a neuropsychologist, but you will need a consulting neuropsychologist to review the defendant’s testing data, a rehab physcian, a life care planner and a vocational economist. In many instances a biomechanical engineer and quite often an expert in PET scans and neuroimaging will also be required. When dealing with a child who has suffered a brain injury, it will be necessary to get a doctor with expertise in traumatic brain injury and its effect on maturation and education. When retaining an attorney, you want to be sure that that attorney and his/her law firm has the ability to forward the necessary costs and expenses to properly prepare the traumatic brain injury case, to be able to hire all the necessary experts and prepare the case the case for trial.