In an earlier post, I referenced the need to obtain the raw data when one’s client is evaluated by a defense neuropsychologist. Only by having the data and its administration and testing evaluated by an independent neuropsychologist, can one properly prepare to cross-examine the defense neuropsychologist. In a recent case in which I represent a pediatric client who suffered a serious brain injury when he was run down by the defendant’s vehicle, the defense neuropsychologist, after testing my client, attributed the abnormality found on testing, to developmental delays, not trauma. I was forced to obtain a court order to compel the defense neuropsychologist to turn over the raw data. I then had it evaluated by my own independent pediatric neuropsychologist and had that neuropsychologist extensively retest my client. We found that the defense neuropsychologist, not only omitted various tests in certain batteries, failed to properly test for frontal lobe injury and gave outdated tests, but also mis-scored numerous tests and most astounding utilized the wrong age norms in scoring some of the tests. By hiring my own neuropsychologist to evaluate the defendant’s neuropsychologist’s data, the defense was totally discredited.