A new study out of John Hopkins found that “better-educated people appear to be significantly more likely to recover from moderate to severe traumatic brain injury, suggesting that a ‘cognitive reserve’ may play a role in helping people to get back to their previous lives.”  The new article, which was published in the Journal of Neurology, can viewed by clicking here

The article, entitled “Functional Recovery after Moderate/Severe Traumatic Brain Injury” looked at 769 patients, one year post injury.  Of that group, 185 patients (24.1%) had less than twelve years of education while 390 patients (50.7%) and 184 patients (25.2%) had twelve to fifteen years and greater than sixteen years of education respectively.  The researchers concluded:

Educational attainment was a robust independent predictor of one‑year disability-free recovery even when adjusting for other prognostic factors. 

Please click here to view the full press release from Johns Hopkins.