Previously, a Florida Court in the matter of Gammad v. ATP Agri-Services, Inc., held a Frye Hearing to determine the admissibility of a SPECT scan. Apparently, defendant had previously filed a motion to bar the admissibility of the SPECT scan. Judge Barton, in a prior Order, dated September 22, 2010, found that SPECT was not new or novel science, and that plaintiffs had demonstrated that the basic underlying principles of SPECT imaging had been sufficiently tested and accepted by the relevant scientific and medical communities. 

On April 19, 2012, testimony was taken in the District Court with regard to the admissibility of the SPECT scan. By Order dated May 3, 2012, Hon. Don T. Hall, acting Circuit Judge for the Circuit Court of 12th Judicial Circuit in and for Desota County, Florida, entered an Order denying defendant’s Frye challenge to the admissibility of SPECT.