Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, utilizing diffusion tensor imaging, studied whether one’s gender could affect the recovery time from concussion.  Dr. Saeed Fakhran, an assistant profession of neuro radiology at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, and his colleagues, studied the DTI imaging results and medical records of 47 men and 26 women who had been diagnosed with mild traumatic brain injury.  They also used a control group consisting of 11 women and 10 men. 

Diffusion tensor imaging found that male patients with concussion had a much lower FA levels within the white matter tracks connects the uncinate fascicule (the tracks that connect the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain).  They also found that the FA levels in that area of the brain were the best predictor of recovery time.

The study found that the average recovery time for men was 66.9 days while the average recovery time for women was 26.3 days. 

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One must keep in mind that although this small sample apparently did return to baseline, not everyone is so fortunate.