Question – I was recently involved in an automobile accident and suffered a brain injury. Do I need to hire an attorney? Answer – The short answer is yes. The issues following an auto accident are many and very complex. New Jersey, for example, is a no-fault state. That means, regardless of who is at fault for causing the car accident, a person’s own insurance company is responsible for paying their medical bills. Under our present law, all medical treatment must be pre-certified by your automobile insurance company. Examining the historic behavior of many New Jersey auto insurance companies, obtaining pre-certification or approval for simple procedures such as diagnostic tests (MRIs, CT scans, neuropsychological testing, etc) can become difficult and frustrating. A strong and competent advocate is needed to fight through all of the red tape in order to obtain needed treatment for a brain injured person. From a compensation standpoint, a layperson, especially someone who has suffered a brain injury and who is experiencing difficulties with attention and memory, needs an attorney who can negotiate on an equal standing with an insurance company.