The North American Brain Injury Society has recently published its second issue, addressing “Controversies in Neuropsychology”. It is anticipated that this provocative issue will continue to spark controversy in the field of neuropsychology.

The lead article, authored by Paul R. Lees-Haley, Ph.D. and David D. Fox, Ph.D. is sure to enlist a great deal of criticism. The authors point out the various controversies that exist today in forensic neuropsychology. The question that remains are these true controversies or are they controversies created by defense oriented neuropsychologists, well-funded by the insurance industry to give the appearance of controversy. Readers are encouraged to provide their comments in the new forum section on the NABIS website. Those forums may be found at here.

That lead article is then followed by an outstanding article written by Lloyd Cripe, Ph.D. who speaks of biases in the common practice of neuropsychology and personal injury litigation. Other authors include Graeme Senior, Ph.D. and Lucille A. Douglas, Ph.D. who speak on the MMPI-2. Scott Howard, M.S. provides a first-hand account of his struggles following a severe traumatic brain injury at the age of twenty.

Like its title, this second issue published by NABIS will certainly be controversial in its own right.