Question – I am presently represented by an attorney who doesn’t seem to understand my injury. When I retained him, he told me that he had handled cases for people with head injuries in the past. However, after two years of being represented by him, he doesn’t seem to understand the problems that I am experiencing. I would like to change lawyers. Is that still possible?

AnswerA client is always free to discharge his/her present attorney and retain new counsel. Obviously, the longer one waits the more difficult this becomes. Prior to filing a lawsuit, a plaintiff’s attorney has the ability to obtain past and present medical records, do a thorough investigation and have the client evaluated by independent medical specialists. In most states, a plaintiff has two years in which to file the lawsuit, thus stopping the running of the statute of limitations. Since each state has its own statute of limitations, one must check that state’s specific statute of limitations.
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Question – I was recently involved in an automobile accident and suffered a brain injury. Do I need to hire an attorney? Answer – The short answer is yes. The issues following an auto accident are many and very complex. New Jersey, for example, is a no-fault state. That means, regardless of who is at