I just received the recent issue of Brain Injury Professional, the official publication of the Brain Injury Society which I had the honor and pleasure to serve as guest editor.

This issue was entitled “Special Issue on Brain Injury Litigation.”  The issue included articles on “The Use of Diffusion Tensor Imaging” and “Life Care Planning and Acquired Brain Injury and the Affordable Care Act.”  The former article was authored by Dorothy Clay Sims, Esq. and Manley Kilgore, M.D.  The latter article was authored by Harvey E. Jacobs, Ph.D.

The journal included an article on the Economics on Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Disability authored by Joseph T. Crouse, Ph.D. and Anthony M. Gamboa, Ph.D., MBA. Brandon Woodward, Esq., Gregory A. Kendall, Kyle S. Dayton, B.S. and Douglas Rennie, Esq. contributed an article entitled “Pitfalls of oversimplied headache diagnosis in TBI litigation.”  Ken Kolpan, Esq., who for over 26 years has co-chaired the NABIS Legal Conference wrote an article entitled “What to You Expect When You Become An Expert.”  Finally, Frank Toral, Esq. contributed an article entitled “No Really, It Takes a Team.”

If you are not a member of NABIS, I strongly encourage you to join.  An application can be downloaded from the website www.nabis.org.