cover.gif I am very happy to share the news that The Traumatic Brain Injury Law Blog has been included in the soon to be released “Buzz Marketing With Blogs For Dummies” by Susannah Gardner. Buzz Marketing With Blogs For Dummies is a book for business professionals looking for advice and solutions for business blogging, and it will be available in stores on March 21, 2005. However, if you would like to pre-order the book from Amazon (as I have), you can follow this link. I am really excited by this book and think that it will be a great tool for those out there who are interested in, thinking about, or already involved with operating a professional services blog. I have read that this book marks the first time the For Dummies publishers have made a chapter of one of their books available online before its release date. I encourage those interested to go check out Susannah Gardner’s blog and read over both the First Chapter and the Table of Contents. I have read the first chapter and cannot wait to read the remainder of the book. I must say that of what I have read so far, page 15 is my personal favorite, but I may be a little biased.