It is well understood that CT and MRI are often insensitive in the detection of mild to moderate traumatic brain injury. By the time a patient is seen in the emergency room, acute neurological abnormal findings may also be absent. Thus, to date, it is often difficult for physicians to diagnose that an individual has sustained a mild to moderate traumatic brain injury. As a result, patients are often released from the emergency room with instructions to follow up with their family physicians should they begin to develop symptoms consistent with a mild to moderate traumatic brain injury.

Recently, Banyan Biomarkers, Inc. has been working on a blood test that could be used by physicians to directly detect the presence of mild and moderate traumatic brain injury and improve the medical management of brain injured patients. By assessing protein biomarkers, Banyan Biomarkers believes that physicians will be able to objectively test to evaluate patients who may have suffered a concussion. Most recently, Banyan Biomarkers has licensed its intellectual property related to traumatic brain injury biomarkers to Abbot for assessment and verification.

The Banyan Biomarkers’ press release can be found by clicking here.