The Athletic Trainers’ Society of New Jersey (ATSNJ) released a Concussion Policy Survey which states that although New Jersey has implemented the Concussion Law, some schools are delaying in their compliance with the new regulations. The survey examined 110 high school athletic trainers throughout the state of New Jersey and states that while most districts have a board approved policy, others do not and those without blame the Law stating that it is difficult to interpret certain provisions.

Some argue that terms included in the Law, such as “physician trained in concussion management,”  “academic modifications,” and “asymptomatic,” are not clearly defined in the context of the description.

The report states that:

  • Only 63% of team physicians are “trained in the management of concussions”
  • 9% of respondents do not have a board approved concussion policy.
  • 27% of schools adopted a generic policy.
  • 84% of districts do not defined “trained in the management of concussions” in their concussion policy.
  • 51% of districts do not define “asymptomatic” in their concussion policy.
  • 60% of districts do not define specific academic accommodations in their concussion policy.
  • 89% of school policies define “graduated return to play protocol”
  • 100% of districts utilized athletic trainers as the gatekeeper for the concussion management process