First, let me wish everyone a happy new year! As we enter 2007, it is only appropriate to look back on this past year.

Certainly, 2006 was an exciting year. Besides having the honor of representing many people and their families who sustained injury in the past, this past year saw the completion of a professional life dream to publish a book on the handling of traumatic brain injury. Only weeks ago, I received hard copies of my book, Litigating Brain Injuries, which I co-authored with Jeffrey Brown, M.D., published by Thomson West. Once the book is offered to the public, I will post an announcement on this blog. I am extremely excited to see the completion of this project.

Over the past year, I ‘ve also had the pleasure of traveling to many cities and states in an effort to assist and educate other trial attorneys in becoming better advocates on behalf of people and families who have sustained a traumatic brain injury. Most recently, I traveled to New Orleans, my first trip since Katrina devastated that city and its surrounding areas. Interestingly, the cab ride from the airport into downtown New Orleans displays very little damage to the city, as one does not travel through the Ninth Ward between the airport and downtown.

What struck me was the lack of people in the city. As you may know, New Orleans’ population went from approximately 500,000 people to possibly under 200,000 people. While some tourists were in evidence, there has clearly been a drop-off of tourism in the city. New Orleans on a Thursday afternoon reminded me of a city waking up on a lazy Sunday morning. It is important to remember that very little has been done to help those individuals whose lives were so catastrophically devastated by Katrina.

Hopefully, better things are to come in 2007.