Today’s Trenton Times reported on a settlement I just reached for a client.

I am pleased to let you know that The Children’s Place and several other companies have agreed to compensate Alexander Arce $6,600,000 for the head injury he suffered in 1997. Alexander was just six weeks old when his mother, Jennifer, and his grandmother took him shopping at The Children’s Place in Quakerbridge Mall in Lawrence Township. He was sitting in his stroller when a shelf collapsed, causing a thirty-inch tall plexi-glass sign to fall and strike him on the head, fracturing his skull and piercing the left side of his brain.

An expert architect said a poorly designed wire grid shelving system caused the collapse and resulted in the sign falling. Fortunately, Children’s Place has redesigned their shelving system to eliminate the dangerous display that caused Alex’s injury.

As a result of the incident, Alexander, who now is now nine years old and resides in Texas, has problems with reading and comprehension. He is presently in special education classes in the Humble County School District. This settlement will insure that Alex will have the monies he needs to live the best possible life.