Below is an email I received today that I thought you would be interested in reading. Back in March, I posted this about funding for TBI programs. It seems as if your hard work has helped – Thanks!

Dear Brain Injury Advocate:

Thank you!!!!

Your calls, emails, letters and faxes appear to be turning the tide for fiscal year 2006 funding of the TBI Act.

Thanks to the persistence and hard work of a nationwide grassroots network of advocates; the staff and volunteers of the Brain Injury Association of America and its affiliates; and other key stakeholder organizations, the House LHHS Appropriations Subcommittee approved $9 million for the TBI HRSA programs.

Although this represents a $297,000 reduction over last year’s funding level, it is a significant achievement given the current budget climate and the fact that the Administration proposed to eliminate the program all together.

Our contacts on the House Appropriations Committee have reported that $5.4 million was approved for the TBI CDC programs; however, the LHHS Subcommittee has not issued a final report and we will therefore be unable to ultimately confirm the TBI CDC programs funding level until Monday, June 13, at the earliest. The full House Appropriations Committee is scheduled to vote on the Subcommittee’s report on Thursday, June 16.

If you made personal contact with a Member of Congress or a staff person during these past few weeks to advocate funding for the TBI Act, please be sure to follow-up and express your appreciation.

We will be back in touch shortly with more information about the House appropriations process and to plan for advocacy efforts in the Senate.

THANK YOU for your successful efforts!

More as we learn it.

Kyle Mulroy
Legislative Consultant
Brain Injury Association of America


Geoffrey M. Lauer
National Director of Affiliate Relations
Brain Injury Association of America