Myth 7: Cognitive impairments on neuropsychological testing must fit a predictable pattern.

It is not unusual that a neuropsychological evaluation report prepared by a defense neuropsychologist finds a specific patient is faking or suffering from some other problem other than a traumatic brain injury because the neuropsychological findings do not fit “a normal or predictable pattern.”

Dr. Muriel Lezak has debunked this myth. Dr. Lezack, author of Neuropsychological Assessment –the bible of neuropsychology –writes:
“However, the behavioral repercussions of brain damage varied with the nature,extent, location and duration of the lesion. With the age, sex, physical condition and psycho-social background and status of the patient and with individual neuroanatomical and  physiological differences, not only does the pattern of neuropsychological deficits differ with different lesion characteristics and locations but two persons with similar pathology and lesion cites may have distinctly different neuropsychological profiles.”