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Neuropsychological, Functional and Behavioral Outcome in South African Traumatic Brain Injury Litigants

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The February 2013 issue of Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology included an interesting article out of Cape Town, South Africa, wherein researchers from the University of Cape Town examined the extent to which, during the process of litigation, individuals with moderate-to-severe traumatic brain injury might malinger in their performance on neuropsychological assessment batteries.

Passenger in Car Accident Receives a $3.5 Million Settlement for Injuries

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On January 22, 2007 I represented a resident of Trenton, New Jersey who was a passenger in a car which was hit head on by a dump truck while traveling on State Highway 68. The dump truck that hit her was unable to stop and attempted to avoid colliding with another vehicle by entering the northbound lane. While the driver was able to avoid one accident, he was unable to avoid striking the vehicle our plaintiff was in.

Mental State of an Unresponsive Patient

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Today’s New York Times (registration required) ran an article about a new brain-imaging study whose results sugest that brain-damaged people who are treated as if they are almost completely unaware may in fact hear and register what is going on around them but be unable to respond. Some experts said the study, which appeared yesterday… Continue Reading

What is my case worth?

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I am often asked when I am hired “What is my case worth?” Although I have been representing clients with acquired brain injuries for well over 20 years, there is never a simple or easy answer to this question. Everybody is different and everybody’s case is different. What effects a traumatic brain injury has on… Continue Reading

Evaluating the economic impact of traumatic brain injuries

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We know that people with disabilities, including traumatic brain injuries, will, generally speaking, earn less per year than non-impaired individuals and, just as importantly, will have a shorter work-life expectancy than their normal cohorts. Even when an injured person has returned back to work, there is still a high probability that that individual, over his… Continue Reading