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Support for the Use of Diffusion Tensor Imaging in Documenting and Diagnosing Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

I just received a copy of the new 5th Edition of “Neuropsychological Assessment”.  I was very pleased to see that Erin D.Bigler, Ph.D., is now a co-author of this text.

As set forth in the preface: “Three major additions distinguish the 1st and 5th Editions of Neuropsychological Assessment.  Most obvious to the experienced neuropsychologist is the proliferation of tests and the wealth of readily available substantiating data.  Second, a book such as this must provide practically useful information for neuropsychologists about the the generations of neuroimaging techniques that have evolved in the past 30 years.  Further, especially exciting and satisfying is confirmation of once what was suspected about the neural organization underlying brain functions thanks to the marriage of sensitive, focused, clinical observations with sensitive, focus, neuroimaging data. 

What is also exciting is the numerous references to the use of diffusion tensor imaging with traumatic brain injury. This, like the proliferation of articles being published weekly, is further support for the use of diffusion tensor imaging in documenting and diagnosing traumatic brain injury.

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