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Update From The International Brain Injury Association's 9th World Congress on Brain Injury

Last night I attended a wonderful reception at the Edinburgh City Chambers hosted by the Lord Provost and City Council.

The highlight for me was chatting with Prof. Thomas McMillan, chair of Clinical Neuropsychology at the University of Glasgow. Prof. McMillan, along with Sir Graham Teasdale, have been conducting research focusing on the outcome of brain injury and the implications for service use and development, across a span from very mild to extremely severe head injury and from specific impairments to general outcome in terms of recovery, disability and death.

I have blogged on their research publications quite often in the past as their research debunks the myth that everyone recovers from mild traumatic brain injury.

Dr. McMillan advised that future research publication will be forthcoming regarding the group of mild, moderate and severe brain injury survivors the have been following for two decades.

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